Want to Trial BabyBeats or BabyBeats Plus?

Want to Trial BabyBeats or BabyBeats Plus?

Sometimes it can be daunting to try a new class, so why not book sessions with us, to try them out?

Select the class:
Classes are suitable from post 6 week check (GP/midwife post-natal check or discharge), up to fast crawling.

Locations Available:
- Parish Hall, Monk Street Aberdare (BabyBeats Plus at 11am-midday and BabyBeats at 12:45-13:45 ) - Tuesdays

- Mothers Matter, Tonypandy at 10am-11am - Wednesdays

- All Stars Gymnastics, Treforest at 12:45-13:45 - Wednesdays

- Tonteg Community Centre (BabyBeats or BabyBeats Plus)

The trial classes consist of 3 consecutive weeks from the date of the first class attended.

*The 3-week trial is limited and only available to new customers. You may only use this option once*

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